About us


The company 100% RE IPP GmbH & Co. KG (“RE IPP”), headquarted in the German town of Wörrstadt (50 km from Frankfurt), acquires and operates national and international renewable energy power plants. The “100%” in the company’s name represents its objective of achieving a clean renewable energy supply, while “RE” is the acronym for Renewable Energy and “IPP” stands for Independent Power Producer. “RE IPP” is an established term for an international IPP in the field of renewable energy.

RE IPP is one of the largest operators of power plants in the renewable energy sector. The company’s investment portfolio in 2015 includes a large number of wind and solar power plants with a generation capacity of more than 600 megawatts. RE IPP acquires and operates power plants as its own investments or together with regional partners. The majority of its projects are operated in Germany. The team consists of 15  collaborators who deal with the acquisition and operation of power plants, as well as the development of business relations.