Expanding Our Portfolio of Power Plants

The development of renewable power generation capacities is one of the cornerstones of RE IPP. When achieving this goal, the company focuses on the acquisition of wind and solar power plants, which enables a sustainable, long term, and stable corporate development. The company’s cooperation with business partners, complements its own investments, by offering the ideal conditions for shaping the energy transition. The objective of a 100% supply with renewable energy which, since then many local utilities and energy suppliers have also set to themselves, offers an ideal basis for a cooperation with RE IPP. In doing so the respective strengths of RE IPP and its partners complement each other and ensures the successful operation of plants on a long-term basis, and the commercialization of the energy

In these partnerships, RE IPP brings in its expertise in the acquisition and the financing of projects, and the operation of power plants, in the form of clearly defined quality criteria, that are to be found in every single project acquisition, and enables their long term operation. The local utilities and regional energy suppliers bring in their expertise in energy management, and the commercialization of the energy as well as using their regional network. Successful established partnerships, a multitude of own investments and many years of operational experience are all the references that make RE IPP stands out as a reliable partner.